[Fuel Saving Tips] The fuel consumption of an excavator is so different, the gap between new and old drivers is so big?

The difference between a novice and an old driver is not only in technology, but also in daily details…


When dealing with various working conditions, veteran drivers can easily control with their rich experience to ensure the smooth development of work, and they are better than novice drivers in terms of fuel saving and worry-free.


So, what is the difference between the novice driver and the old driver operating the excavator?

Minimize excavator overflow

In the actual operation, we will find that because the safety valve in the hydraulic circuit is open, once an overflow occurs, even if you increase the throttle, the power of the excavator will not increase during actual operation, and the master will no longer step on it. , If you continue to step on, more oil will be wasted.

Choose the right job location

Experienced veteran drivers will choose a suitable position when entering the venue, unlike novices who enter the venue without choosing. They will choose a height similar to that of the loaded vehicle compartment to reduce the height of the excavator during the operation, shorten the operating distance, and naturally avoid the waste of fuel.微信图片_20200901113927


Of course, there are many small details about fuel saving. As long as you strengthen your daily study and summarize your own fuel saving tips at work, I believe you will soon become a fuel-saving and worry-free old driver!

Post time: Sep-01-2020